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Mias hated what he saw before him.
Once the tears slid down her face, he felt his insides turn in to painful knots.
He sat down next to her, placing one arm around her waist with his free hand on her arm. She flinched at his touched as though she had brushed against something burning hot.
"Wha-what-" Elle stuttered through her sobs, unable to finish her sentence.
"I cannot bare to see you like this." Mias said soothingly.
She scowled at him through her tears, "If that's so, then take me home!" Elle snapped with clenched teeth.
Mias was no dunce. He could practically hear the uncertainity through the sharpness of her words. Who knew this rose would have thorns?


Mias looked at her like he knew what she was thinking, making fear grip at her insides.  
Silence hung around them until Mias said: "Tell me, where you really happy at your home?"
Elle didn't answer, she just gave him a cold glare, wishing that looks could kill.
"Do you have family who would miss you terribly?"
Of course she didn't. Her detestible mother was the only family she had. Her father and all of her grandparents were dead, she was an only child and she had no cousins or aunts or uncles.
Elle looked away from him while shaking her head. Her mother wouldn't even notice she was gone.
Mias placed his hand softly on the side of her face and turned her head so she had to look at him.
  "Do you have a lover back home?" He asked with his eyes clearly hoping she would say no.


That word made fresh tears spill down her face and a sob escape her throat, making Mias look like he was about to cry too.
"Do you?" He asked again, Elle could hear the slight disappointment in his voice.
She shook her head slowly, "I used to."
Mias' eyes widened with surprise and relief. Elle carried on to save him the question and herself from any pressure.
"He cheated on me with two other women."
She heard a soft growl escape his throat, "That bastard," he muttered, "how could he be such a fool?"
Elle could only stare at him as she let the last of her tears slide down her face. "what?" that word escaped her lips.
"Did that fool not realise how fortunate he was? Fortunate to have you?"
She felt her mind go blank at his words, wondering how hard her head was hit.


Mias had to fight the urge to track down that bastard and beat him until he turned black and blue. But the tears sliding down Elle's dainty face distracted him.
"I want to go home. Now!" She hissed through her teeth with her blue eyes becoming slits.
"This is your home now and you should get some rest." He said, glancing at the darkening sky.
"No. I should be getting home right now!"
Mias ignored her while getting up off the bed towards the wardrobe. "I have provided everything you may need."
He opened the wardrobe to reveal beautifully made dresses and shoes. He couldn't help but grin like an idiot when he saw her eyes widen.
"Good night."
He left the room as his urges to hunt down the three-timing fool vanished. He was sure she would willingly be his. After all, even if hadn't met the bastard, Mias was sure he would be everything Elle wanted. No matter what it took.


Elle barely noticed him leave the room as her eyes gaped at the dresses hanging in the wardrobe. She walked up to them and ran her fingers down the unnaturally luxurious materials of every colour she could think of. Silk and satin everything she would never be able to afford with her pathetic two hundred pound a month salary.

She suddenly felt sleepy from her tears and Mias' suggestion of getting some rest sounded sensible.
She opened the draw to find stacks of night clothes neatly folded. Elle pulled out the first one she laid her hands on, a knee length short sleeved cotton white night gown, and changed out of her dress before climbing under the bed covers.  

The sun's soft glow of warmth fell upon her sleeping form. Elle squinted her eyes open towards the window as she saw the forest shining like a thousand emeralds and the fields looking like they were glowing.
She got out of bed and  headed towards the wardrobe, shifting through dress after dress until she found one she actually liked. Blue with short sleeves with the hem just above her feet.
When she looked at her reflection on the glass of the window, she thought she looked like a blonde verison of Sybil Crawley from Downton Abbey.

A knock came from the door and before she could answer, Mias came striding in with the same pervy smile on his face.

At least he knocked first
Elle thought dryly while giving him an aggrovated glower.
"Good morning. I see you are already dressed." He greeted her, his eyes skimming over her body.
  "What do you want?" She spat while giving him a cold look, "Are you going to drag me down to the cellar and keep me prisoner there?"
His eyes snapped back to hers with surprise. "Actually, I could never do such a thing," He said calmly.
"Because I don't have a cellar. I just wanted you to join me for breakfast."
Elle felt the colour rush to her face again. She would have laughed if she was in a better mood instead of waking up to be greeted by the man who had kidnapped her.
  "And you damn well know I want to go home! Can't you get that into that handsome head of yours?!"
Silence filled the room when Elle realised what she had just said. Mias had a devilish grin plastered on his face that only made her feel more gullible.
"I don't think I will allow it to get into my head." He chuckled that only made Elle want to slap him.
She took a deep breath before calmly asking: "If you won't take me home, will you at least let me get some air?"
Mias raised his eyebrows, "If you are planning to escape Darling, you won't find anyway or anyone getting you back to your home. The nearest town is half a day away on foot."
Elle felt quite proud of herself for not pouncing on him and clawing at his face. "I just need some air." She said through clenched teeth.
His grin reduced to an arrgant smirk,"Very well, the stairs are to your left as you enter the hallway, you will see the front door as you go down them."
"Thank you."
"But wouldn't you like some breakfast first?"
"I'll pass."


Even though he didn't show it, Mias was quite surprised. Nobody had ever dared talked to him like that before.
He actually kind of liked it.
This young woman was different. Unlike any other women he had met, she spoke her mind, stood her ground, took no nonsence thrown at her. She had brains and attitude.
He had to admit, it did bother him a little knowing he would have to tame the shrew. But he did consider that he did bring her to his mannor without her consent, even if he had good intentions before kidnapping her.

His thoughts went back to when she was attacked and he shuddered slightly as  concern pooled inside of him. If she could of been attacked there, what was to say she would not be harmed here? Especially with his good for nothing twin brother Elias larking around every few months or so with murder on his mind.
Mias felt like a fool.
He should of thought things out before bringing Elle to his home. His brother was cruel, viscious and sadistic who tried to have Mias killed. If he laid eyes on Elle, she would be in grave danger.
Mias shook his head, at thought of her being at his Elias' hands. He had to protect her. He would rather loose his entire inheritance then have Elle harmed in anyway. But an idea did come across to him, but he knew Elle wasn't going to like it.


The morning air was nothing like she had ever felt at home. The air in the morning she woke up to, stunk of cigarette smoke and anything else that probably wasn't healthy to breathe in. But the air outside the mannor was clean and had the aroma of every plant she could think of hanging in the atmosphere.

Elle carried on walking until she was close to the forest, where she leant against a tree as she tried to clense her mind.
Could she trust Mias? He did save her from a terrible crime, she would give him that.
She shuddered at the thought of what could have happened if he wasn't there to stop that man. He probably expected her thanks by living with him in his mannor. He even got rid of her headache by magic.
Did she really want to go home? Home to a tacky flat that had drug users and alcoholics who were supposed to be neighbours and sleep on a worn out second hand matress, only to get up at six in the morning so her over powering boss could hurl abuse at her and make her work her fingers to the bone?
Then why did she want to go home so badly?
She saw him come out of the front door, he only gave her a short glance before he disappeared past the bushes and trees.

Elle decided to stretch her legs when the hem of her skirt caught on a root of a tree, making her swear under her breath as she tried to tug it off.
"Tugging never helps reals."  Said a male voice with a London like accent.
Elle turned her head around rapidly in all directions until she saw the owner of the voice that a made her wonder if she had a concusion. He had fur on his arms and legs, antlers, hooves and ears like a deer.

She could only stare at him. He reminded her of Mr. Tumnus from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.
Am I in Narnia?
She thought, completely perplexed as she watched him unhook her skirt from the root of the tree.
"Thanks." she said uncertainly, "who are you?"
"I'm sorry, I forgot my manners. The name's Abernos, Miss...?"
"Nice to meet you Miss Elle. What's a lovely lady like yourself doing around here?"
"I was brought here after my head was smacked against a brick wall."
Abernos stared at her. "Did Mias bring you here by any chance?"
Elle nodded.
"Don't tell me he hit-"
Elle shook her before he could finish, "No, no, he actually saved me from another man."
Abernos' eyes widened, "I never heard him do anything like that before."
"Why doesn't that surprise me?"
"He's not so bad, at least he's merciful. You should see Elias...Well maybe you shouldn't."
"Who's Elias?" Elle asked, unable to hide the curiosity in her voice.

"Well, he's Mias' twin brother," Abernos replied, signalling her to sit down, giving Elle the hint that it would be a long story.
"You see, Mias is the eldest of the two by a single minute and since birth they have been at eachother's throats. Not to mention that since he is the eldest of eight brothers, the family inheritance went to him. That made Elias...well, you can probably get idea of how he took it. He has never let it go, I actually see him go around and everytime he leaves he either has a black eye or a bloody lip."

"Blabbering about my family history, are we Abernos?"
Elle hadn't heard Mias come up behind her as she jumped at her words.
  "You're guest has the right to know, Mias, doesn't she?"
Mias growled and hauled Abernos to his feet by one of his antlers, "Do not tell me what to say to my guests, fawn!" He bellowed, making Elle stare at him with fear and horror.
"Ow! Ow! Alright! I'm sorry! Now let go!"
Elle couldn't take it, she got to her feet, lifted her skirt and ran into the forest.
"ELLE!" She heard Mias call after her.
She didn't stop. She couldn't face him when he shouted at Abernos in such a way. She continued to run until she was about three hundred yards away from the mannor, when she slammed in to something. Something invisable.
Yeah, I edited slightly.
I saw a lot of typos and I thought that was just not right.

and BTW I hardly watch Downton Abbey, I know some of the characters because my dad and brothers watch it. _

Character are the work of :iconstressedjenny:

chapter 2: [link]
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