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Disney Meme - Again

Tue Nov 25, 2014, 6:35 PM
1. What are your top three favorite Disney movies?

Treasure Planet, The Rescuers and Tangled - you have no idea how hard that was too do!

2. If you could date any Disney character who would it be?

Jim Hawkins - He has nice eyes ^^

3. Which Disney character do you relate with most?

Belle from Beauty and the Beast. - I love reading, I don't like ass-holes and/or narcissists and I'm a little different from other people my own age.

4. Do you remember the first Disney movie you ever saw?

The earliest memory I have was in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves when the huntsman was about to stab her. - I was terrified.

5. If you had to choose one Disney soundtrack to listen to for hours on loop, which one would you pick?

Tarzan - Phil Collins was epic :D

6. Hug, Marry, Banish from the kingdom - (Insert three names)

Hug: Thumper from Bambi. - He's so adorables!

Marry: Eric from the Little Mermaid. - I'm attracted to lads with blue/green eyes and dark hair, alreet??

Banish: Judge Claude Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. - Because he's a git.

7. What would be your idea for the next Disney movie?

Pure Fantasy and Drama and basically everything that goes on in my head. Story line? I'll have to think about that....

8. Do you have a least favorite Disney movie? Which one?

Yes. The black cauldron. It was okay but...meh.

9. Favorite Disney Channel Original Movie.

.....If I had to pick, it would be Starstuck. It's got good songs.

10. Best Disney kiss.

The one at the end of The Princess and the Frog that changes Tiana and Naveen back to human. - Just thought that was so cleverly clever.

11. Do you have a Disney OTP?

....Not really. But I would pair Jim with Ariel.

12. Have you ever been to Disneyland or Disney World?

I went to Disneyland Paris for my 6th birthday but I don't remember much of it.

13. Which Disney character do you look the most like?

Belle. - I always get her in a quiz.

14. <—- Go to this page. What are your thoughts on whatever it is?

W.I.T.C.H issue 004: The power of fire. (That's Disney?) - I used to like W.I.T.C.H :D

15. Do you own any Disney merchandise?

Yes! My VERY FIRST one was a Nala plushie my Ma 'n' Pa got for me when I was born because it was the same year The Lion King came out. I have loads to be honest. It would take a while to list them out.

16. Is there any Disney plot that you would like to change/tweak?

In Tangled, I would have Flynn's name is legal name. And I would probably tweak a few things in Frozen.

17. This or That - (Give me two Disney characters/movies/songs/etc.)

I'm still here - Treasure Planet.
Let it go - Frozen

18. Which princess has the best outfit?

Belle. - Since we have the same coloured hair and eyes then I know I'd look good in gold :D

19. Who's the best sidekick?

Olaf - Frozen. - CUTE! and Genie - Aladdin. - R.I.P Robin Williams :(

20. If you could have any Disney animal as a pet, which would you have?

Thumper! He's a bunny and adorable!

21. How many Disney movies do you own?

Not a clue.

22. Someone says "Disney sucks!" QUICK, HOW DO YOU RESPOND?

"Just like your life."

23. What's the last Disney movie you watched? How long ago?

Snow White and the seven dwarves. Yesterday.

24. Which Disney character would you like to have as a best friend?

Thumper = Adorable!

25. Which Disney character would you like to have as a parent?

....Not a clue...

26. Which Disney character would you like to have as your child?


27. Cutest Disney baby?

Little Anna. ^^

28. Which Disney songs could you sing by heart?

Let it go - listened to it more times I've watched the movie.

29. Is there a Disney movie that has an especially important meaning or place in your life?

The Lion King since it came out the year I was born, The rescuers and Alice in Wonderland.

30. Which Disney kingdom/land would you want to live in?

Cinderella's Castle.

31. Which Disney movie makes you cry the most?

I don't actually cry during Disney movies but I did get weepie eyes over Lilo and Stitch.

32. Which one makes you laugh the most?

Wreck-it-Raplh :D

33. Do you have a favorite Disney villain? Which one and why?

Hades - Hercules :D He's not your usual villain. He's got sas and one liners you can't help but laugh at!

34. If you could put any Disney character into a different Disney movie, which one would you switch and to which movie?

hmmm crossovers.....I'd put The Little Mermaid and Treasure Planet together.

35. Have you ever dressed up like a Disney character?

Yep. Minnie Mouse, Cinderella, Snow White and Belle (I don't actually remember that but my mam does)


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